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Glass Craft have now opened two additional operational centres. The new centre at LEEDS will service the NORTH of ENGLAND and the MIDLANDS, while the LUTON centre will service LONDON and the SOUTH EAST.


For sales and information in the U.K. contact the central office at

MANCHESTER 01616 155 555



Glass Craft is the only company in the world that can ENGRAVE ON ANY TYPE OF GLASS "IN SITU"


Glass Craft  is an established company which has developed an entirely new concept in Glass Decoration which is unique to us. Glass Craft became a part of the HASLETT GROUP shortly after its formation in 1997. Previous to this, Glass Craft undertook years of research into all aspects of glass and glass engraving in order to become experts in the field of glazing and the traditional methods of decoration on flat glass. This then led the research and development team to look to new technology, ideas and innovations which would take our craft to new levels. This gives Glass Craft a distinct advantage over our competitors and enables us to offer a completely different avenue for our customers to take when considering glass decoration.


The pictures below show the gift store in the world famous Old Bushmills Distillery. The large panels are etched safety glass, displaying the labels from this famous whiskey. The twelve 'medals' are cut into toughened glass and completed in 23 1\2 carat gold leaf.




(Above right.) Basil Haslett at Fado's Bar, Atlanta, USA for their celebration of 400 years of Bushmills Whiskey. For this momentous occasion Mr Haslett created a copy of one of the 'medals' which are on display in the Old Bushmills Distillery. This piece was finished in 23 1/2 carat gold, identical to the originals and was presented to Fado's bar to mark this milestone. Also present were several reps from Diagio, the parent company of the Old Bushmills Distillery.








Article from

19 June 2008


"Glass etchings help Basil see to the US"

Article from

09 June 2008


"Glass etching is 'cool brainwave'"

Article from

23 May 2008


"Glass etching is ´cool brainwave'"

Article from

25 May 2008


"NI businesses to go stateside"

Article from

27 October 2008




European Patent No. 1924404

US Patent No. 7371153

Canadian Patent Pending


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