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Glass Craft have now opened two additional operational centres. The new centre at LEEDS will service the NORTH of ENGLAND and the MIDLANDS, while the LUTON centre will service LONDON and the SOUTH EAST.


For sales and information in the U.K. contact the central office at

MANCHESTER 01616 155 555



Individual, hand cut and finished  Coats of Arms and Family Crests available. Orders taken via email and sent worldwide.



We are the only firm of craftsmen in the world who can etch and engrave on any type of glass to Produce your family crest or coats of arms or any heraldic designs which are required.

For individuals who are interested in obtaining their family's Coat of Arms, our Heraldry Specialists will assist you in locating the original Coat of Arms for your surname. We have currently over 1,000 examples held on our records, so there should be no problem in finding your name among these.

After locating your coat of arms, we can then engrave it onto toughened glass and complete the design in 23 carat gold, platinum and stained glass, like the two examples on the right. The piece is then fitted with a suitable wooden frame and posted direct to you to give that supreme finish in specialized glass to your family home.



European Patent No. 1924404

US Patent No. 7371153

Canadian Patent Pending


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