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Glass Craft have now opened two additional operational centres. The new centre at LEEDS will service the NORTH of ENGLAND and the MIDLANDS, while the LUTON centre will service LONDON and the SOUTH EAST.


For sales and information in the U.K. contact the central office at

MANCHESTER 01616 155 555

Using a combination of traditional artists' techniques and special machinery which was invented, developed and patented by Glass Craft we can carry out all our services 'In Situ', in other words, while the glass is still in the frame. A service that only Glass Craft can offer. All these techniques can be safely carried out on every type of glass, including Toughened, Fireproof and Bullet Proof.

The example (left) is a portrait of the Motorcycle Racing Legend Joey Dunlop which was commissioned by a a long term fan. The background scenery is cut onto the glass plain frosting with the bike and rider finished in full colour. The picture is taken from two photographs, one of the background which is of the hill from Kate's Cottage to Creg na Baa on the famous Isle of Man T.T. circuit. The picture of the motorcycle was reproduced from another photograph which the fan had taken personally at a completely different viewing position on the mountain course. These were then measured to scale and put together in order to be engraved onto the glass.


Another innovative new signage solution developed by Glass Craft is the external information or map plaque as pictured above.

The design on this piece is taken from the original architects drawings to show the location of the addresses in a new apartment complex at Stranmillis, Belfast.  We re-created this map on Toughened Glass, cut and coloured the buildings, and then attached it to a custom built stainless steel frame.

At the same location, we etched the front doors of the apartment blocks with their corresponding block and apartment numbers. This solved a major problem for the contractors, as no other company could etch this information onto the glass without all the panes and doors first being removed, sent away for engraving and then re-fitted at major cost to the developer.. 

6mm thick toughened glass sample piece. This is piece is engraved on both sides with a 'mirror image' design so that the same pattern is seen on each side of the glass. The design was then finished in 24 carat gold leaf. This method of engraving was designed for large architectural glass feature walls and access doors.

Shannon's Jewellers, Lisburn. Exterior toughened glass panes frosted then engraved with company logos and inlaid with 23 1/2 carat gold leaf. Also shown, large Shannon family Coat of Arms, engraved and finished in full colour and gold leaf, with Newry Granite plaque set above main entrance engraved with company logo and finished with gold leaf.







European Patent No. 1924404

US Patent No. 7371153

Canadian Patent Pending


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