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"Just Etch It!" Glass Craft USA

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Just Etch It!

New glass-engraving process proves both functional and fashionable.

Favorite drawings, famous words or fancy scrollwork can be etched on glass of any kind, using a process patented by Glass Craft USA LLC. Previously, etching on tempered or safety glass caused the glass to shatter.

Results of the new process are both fashionable and functional. Glass doors decorated with striking etchings are safer because people will see and not walk into the glass. An engraved glass window will let in light but not prying eyes. Etched glass also conserved energy by reducing the amount of heat transference.

The glass can be further embellished with gold, platinum, silver or aluminium inlay or enamel paint.

Basil Haslett, the inventor, owner and artist (he sketches most of the designs), hails from Ireland and opened a studio in Stone Mountain after visiting here on a trade mission in 2005. It is a most serendipitous spot, for the Hasletts have a deep connection to stone, launching a monument business in 1745 with sandstone carved from the river bed on the family farm. Many of Ireland’s headstones and statues come from the Haslett farm.

Basil, a banker by profession and an artist by passion, returned to the family business when he retired. He came up with the glass-engraving process on a dare. “You can carve stone, but can you etch glass?” he was asked. He figured out a way in one week.

Since that day 11 years ago, he has etched racehorses on a mirrored panel in a sports bar, Bible verses on church doors and logos on office windows. Soon, homeowners began clamouring for his designs on glass tabletops, mirrors and cabinet doors. He even has begun etching logos on rear windshields of cars (sports logos are quite popular).

The work can be done in the home, for there is little mess. However Basil prefers to paint glass in his dust free studio.

Prices vary with the size and design, from $500 to $3,000. A simple etching around the border of a full-sized glass door begins at $500. A full design, such as a family crest on the upper half of a glass door, begins at $800. Working on site costs extra, depending on distance from the studio.

- Jan Costello

- Photos by Joann Vitelli






European Patent No. 1924404

US Patent No. 7371153

Canadian Patent Pending


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