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"Glass Craft USA create three stunning glass pieces for Atlanta's prestigious Millennium Gate Project"

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The Millennium Gate




Basil Haslett and

Rodney M. Cook, Jr.


The three pieces created by

Glass Craft USA


The pieces in situ at the

Millennium Gate


The pieces in situ at the

 Millennium Gate



The Millennium Gate

A portal to the past and future

ATLANTA, June 9, 2008- The Millennium Gate will officially open its doors Friday, July 4, 2008. Ticket holders will be given the opportunity to tour the gate at 2pm following a parade and dedication ceremony taking place at 12:30pm.  Tickets to the Millennium Gate are on sale and can be purchased at ($12 for adults, $10 for students/children). Normal museum hours are 10am-6pm Tuesday through Sunday.

Located on 17th Street in Atlantic Station, The Millennium Gate was created by Rodney M. Cook, Jr., president and founder of the National Monuments Foundation (NMF). The 82-foot monument also houses a 12,000 square foot museum which features multiple galleries that will contain an abundance of historical information paying tribute to Georgia history and the contributions of many of Atlanta’s pioneer families.

The Millennium Gate was designed by way of an international competition. Ten winners from around the world were selected to collaborate on a preliminary design. Then NMF enlisted the expertise of Hugh Petter of the UK-based firm Robert Adam Architects to work with Rodney Cook, Jr. in developing these concepts into the architectural design for the monument.  In addition, Mr. Petter, who was responsible for sitting the monument within its park-like setting, is also working with Lady H. Spencer-Churchill who has been engaged to collaborate on the design of the period rooms. 

The monument’s design, which won the 2006 Palladio Award for public spaces, will resemble arches like the Arch of Titus in Rome and the St. Denis Arch in Paris. Since Roman times, arches have been testaments to human accomplishments and spirit. “The United States needed a project devoted to peaceful accomplishment post-millennium through a classical monument,” stated Cook. Adorning the top of the arch is a Latin inscription, which translates to “This American Monument is dedicated to all peaceful accomplishment, Anno Domini 2000.”

            The museum housed within The Millennium Gate will offer guests a unique opportunity to travel through the history of Georgia, starting with the American Indians and working up to present-day. Inside the Glenn Gallery, guests can contrast the former resident of the site on which the museum is built, the Atlantic Steel Mill with the present day new urban destination. Visitors will be able to view a recreation of the office of Thomas K. Glenn, former president of Atlantic Steel.

            The Atlanta Pioneer Gallery will highlight 20 Atlanta families that played an integral role in the city’s development. This gallery will feature heirlooms, biographical records, genealogies and photographs from the following families:  Adair, Dobbs, English, Glenn, Herndon, Hurt, Mims, Randall, Rhodes, Rich, Woodruff, Robinson, Russell, Scott, Connally/Spalding, Ottley/ McCarty, Massell/ Selig, Goddard/Alston, Candler/ Warren and Haverty/ Rawson.

            The Virtues Gallery honors some of Atlanta’s most prolific philanthropists such as Arthur Blank and Ted Turner. Included in this area is a bust of President George Washington. Washington County, Georgia was the first in the newly formed nation to be named for the President. For the Millennium Gate, GLASS CRAFT USA created three stunning pieces to surround and focus attention on the central bust of President Washington. The US Presidential Seal is etched and inlaid with 23 1/2 carat gold, along with the Washington family Coat of Arms and Washington’s family crest, all in full color.

With its unique, US-patented portable etching process, GLASS CRAFT USA engraves designs onto all types of glass, including tempered. This 'deep cut' etching permits engraved designs to be painted or inlaid for spectacular full color and precious metal finishes. Basil Haslett, artist and inventor of the process, derives his technique from a family monument business founded in Ireland in 1745.

Another unique feature of the museum is the use of technology to convey the transformation of the city over the last 175 years. In the Tocqueville Corridor, visitors will be introduced to the development of philanthropy in the United States. The corridor will include narration from the famous French social philosopher, Alexis de Tocqueville on his tour of Georgia and the United States.

The Philanthropy Theater, made possible by the Interactive Technology Media Center at Georgia Tech, will allow visitors the opportunity to see the role philanthropy has played in the development of both Atlanta and the United States. The theater includes a 3-D projection of photorealistic views of Atlanta from the turn of the century through 2006. Visitors will be able to see the legacy of notable Atlanta philanthropists and realize how different the city would look today, were it not for these benefactors.

For all its beauty and magnitude, Atlanta has very few public, classical works to share with its citizens. The Honorable Mayor Shirley Franklin said, “Fast growing younger cities like ours often lack the grand monuments that adorn older cities in our country and around the world. The National Monuments Foundation, the developers of Atlantic Station and many generous Atlanta families are about to change that.”

About The National Monuments Foundation: Founded in 2001 by Rodney M. Cook, Jr., this organization seeks to build monuments which will uplift the communities in which they are built through a classical approach to urban design. It is comprised of individuals who are committed to the mission of creating self-sustaining destination landmarks which benefit the citizens of the United States. 

About Atlantic Station:  AIG Global Real Estate’s Atlantic Station® redevelopment is a 138-acre environmental redevelopment of the former Atlantic Steel Mill at the nexus of Interstates 75 and 85 in Midtown Atlanta. Officially opened in 2005, the redevelopment is ultimately projected to include 12 million square feet of retail, office, residential and hotel space as well as 11 acres of public parks. For more information, visit

About Robert Adam Architects: Hugh Petter is a director of UK architectural practice Robert Adam Architects which has an international reputation in classical and traditional architecture and design. Founded in 1986 the practice has grown to over 90 staff and is recognized as a world leader in progressive classical design, combining tradition with the latest technology.

 About Glass Craft USA: Glass Craft USA revolutionizes etching & engraving of tempered glass with its US patented process, revealing “Your imagination in glass.”  

 For more information on The Millennium Gate, Rodney M. Cook, Jr. or the 20 Atlanta families highlighted in the museum, contact Gregory Lowe at or Caty Dickensheets at  For more information about The Millennium Gate, visit <>






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