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Glass Craft have now opened two additional operational centres. The new centre at LEEDS will service the NORTH of ENGLAND and the MIDLANDS, while the LUTON centre will service LONDON and the SOUTH EAST.

For sales and information in the U.K. contact the central office at

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Glass Craft can provide genuine glass etching and frosting, FOR LESS THAN VINYL IMITATION FROSTING.


The services that we provide include Engraving on Glass of any type and of any size. This engraving can then be enhanced with colours or with Precious Metals for example 23 1/2 Carat Gold, Platinum, Silver etc. All of this can be carried out 'On Site' and at any location without even taking the glass out of its frame.

This permanent glass decoration solution can be carried out at less than twice the price of Vinyl Stickers. When compared to vinyl, which needs replaced at least every 3 to 5 years and is easily damaged either by accident or by intentional vandalism, the Glass Craft solution becomes cheaper and more cost effective every day!









The above pictures show the Millennium Forum Theatre, Derry, Northern Ireland.


These large safety glass doors were etched with an abstract map of the famous Walls of Derry. Each street name was then cut into the glass and finished in black.


The opening ceremony for this prestigious theatre included the unveiling of the above toughened glass plaque which comprises of seven engraved, full colour logos and text.


Aquinas Grammar School, Belfast, N. Ireland


Aquinas Grammar School, Belfast, N. Ireland


The R.I.C.S Headquarters, Belfast, N. Ireland


AVK Donkin, Chesterfield, England


AVK Donkin, Chesterfield, England



AVK Donkin Opening Ceremony, Chesterfield, England


Queens University CCRCB, Belfast, N. Ireland. Opened by Senator George J. Mitchell.


Dame Kelly Holmes unveiling opening plaque at Queens University Belfast, Sports Centre.


Basil Haslett presenting "Dogwood Sunrise"Plaque to the permanent art collection, Sunrise Bank of Atlanta, USA


Burniston Methodist Church, North Yorkshire, England.


Burniston Methodist Church, North Yorkshire, England.


Burniston Methodist Church, North Yorkshire, England.


Pembroke Castle, Pembrokeshire, South Wales


Pembroke Castle, Pembrokeshire, South Wales


Pembroke Castle, Pembrokeshire, South Wales


Pelsall Village School

Pelsall Village School

Eagle landing on Fir Tree


This ability to colour the engraved designs on glass is unique to us. The following techniques can be employed to decorate the piece. Any one or all of these can be used to create an effect that is truly stunning.

  • The designs and pictures can be finished in solid colour specially blended to imitate the exact colour of the piece which we are reproducing e.g. specific corporate colours for logos.

  • A similar system completes the picture with a translucent (or see through) colour effect which can be compared with 'Cathedral' or stained glass.

  • The final and most spectacular effect is to infuse the engraving with 23 1/2 carat gold and other precious metals including Platinum, Silver etc, creating a bright and spectacular finish which cannot be duplicated by any vinyl or paint product.

The following pictures show the application of 23 1/2 carat Gold, coloured engraving and plain etching combined to great effect in the design of a clock face.

The piece, called 7 Before 1, was created by Glass Craft USA and donated to Jane Fonda's charity G-CAPP. The piece was auctioned off to raise money for the charity in 2008. The pictures show the piece on a specially designed display stand and also the presentation of the piece to Jane Fonda by Basil Haslett.

To learn more about the G-CAPP charity, please visit their website.


Basil Haslett with "7 Before 1"

Basil Haslett and Jane Fonda

"7 Before 1"


Bar Bacca VIP room, Belfast, N. Ireland

The Bayview Hotel, Portballintrae, N. Ireland

Belfast Castle main entrance, N. Ireland


Also above is the Moet & Chandon logo completed in plain etching and completed on site. The Main entrance doors to the reception area at The Bayview Hotel, and the main entrance to Belfast Castle were both completed in 23 1/2 carat gold. The Bayview project was completed on site.

Glass Craft can accurately reproduce any artwork onto every type of glass that is available on today's market. Using the most up to date computer technology, our design team can manipulate anything from simple words and pictures to the most complicated of designs and logos with no exceptions.

The images below are from a project at the Bluestone Unit at Craigavon Area Hospital, Northern Ireland, created by Shirley MacWilliam. The twenty curved mirrors were etched by Glass Craft with designs by Shirley.

A new style and system of etching was developed in order to etch the surface of the curved acrylic mirrors, allowing straight, sharp edges to be faithfully recreated onto the soft, convex surface.

 Mirror Trees 2008 Shirley MacWilliam









Carryduff Presbyterian Church.


Carryduff Presbyterian Church.


European Patent No. 1924404

US Patent No. 7371153

Canadian Patent Pending


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